Thank goodness for cell phones

As I wrote yesterday, I am worried about my children. But they are doing just fine.

The technology of today makes sharing parenting with an abuser a little easier to handle. My children texted and I spoke with them last night and they sounded fine.

I spoke with my ex and he seemed calm.

However, I am still worried.

My children have shared with me that their Dad is mean, hard on them, a yeller, and that their step mother is similar to their Dad. They love their Dad and want to see him and spend time him, but they tolerate a strict father.

I know my ex. He is all about power and control and being “strict” is about how it makes him feel and not about any parenting strategy or belief system.

However, if his only flaw as a parent is that he is strict, I’ll take it. He can be a lot worse. I will continue to pray for my children.

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