Another headline of domestic abuse becomes yesterday’s news

Nov. 29, 2011 _ Attention sports fans: Another NFL player is accused of battery against his girlfriend. Dozens of players have been accused, charged and convicted. What’s one more?

Just another headline of a woman getting hurt at the hands of her loved-one. Just another woman getting back-handed, knocked down, bruised, pushed, shoved, bloodied. So what.

These players are tough and their girlfriends sort of deserve a little push now and then, right?

Just another story of a little domestic squabble that made headlines because one in the couple happens to be famous and worth a lot of money.

Just another story of an argument that escalated too far, right?

Really? I mean really?

Who is taking this position? Maybe a bunch of reporters who don’t really understand the gravity of the situation or maybe someone who does the same thing to his wife?

I know first hand that the “unbiased media” is hardly objective. I know first hand that those sports writers have stories of their own and sometime, those stories are a bit too similar to the people they write about and sometime condemn.

My ex once wrote about a player who spit on another player on the field. That player got ejected from the game and was the brunt of my ex-husband’s judgmental column about the incredible lack of character shown by the offending player. Yet, he didn’t confess in that column how he had spat on me more than once … and right in my face. He didn’t talk about his own lack of character or offense. But, after he wrote the story, one that I’m sure his editor told him to write, he never wrote about the player’s offense again. It went away like yesterday’s newspaper.

The same is true of incident after incident of domestic violence that my ex-husband covered while committing the crime himself, over and over.

Don’t wonder why this topic is so easily pushed to the back pages or out of the news cycle so quickly. Abusers have a pretty good ability to blame others for their acts and diminish their destruction, but its gets a bit hard when they have to condemn someone else for the same actions.

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